High-risk diabetic foot in spotlight

High-risk diabetic foot is the theme of the mid-term continuing medical education (CME) organized by the Association of Surgeons of India (ASI), UP Chapter and Indian Podiatry Association (IPA) in Kanpur on Sunday, 11 April 2010. "This theme has been chosen to enable all participants to improve clinical care for patients living with diabetes and its complications" said Dr Sanjay Kala, Secretary of IPA and Associate Professor, Department of Surgery, GSVM Medical College, Kanpur. This medical conclave will focus on specific issues related to diabetic foot including stem cells in diabetic wounds, peripheral vascular disease, wound healing and care, charcot's neurothropathy, foot biomechanics, infections, therapeutic footwear, surgical techniques, VAC therapy, risk factor assessment, vascular interventions for diabetic foot salvage and latest innovations in diabetic wounds. Read more

This CME meeting will emphasize the importance of incorporating effective treatment strategies for limb preservation based on available evidence and the need for a multi-disciplinary team approach. It will provide a platform for the exchange of knowledge and in hand communication among physicians, diabetologist, vascular and orthopaedic surgeons, podiatrists, general and plastic surgeons, physiotherapists, orthotist and prosthetist and other foot care professionals.

"This meeting will serve as a resource to obtain up-to-date information on theory and management of diabetic foot disorders and serve as a venue to highlight research into the diabetic foot" informed Dr Kala.

This CME is all decked up with a rich panel of experts on diabetes care. Dr Anil Gomber from Delhi will speak on "Glycaemic control to heal Diabetic wounds - Future Directions", Dr APS Suri, President of IPA, will speak on "Biomechanics of Diabetic Foot, Role of Planter Pressure", Dr RK Chittoria from Tirupati, will speak on "New Inventions in Science of Wound Healing", Dr Rajnish Saxena from Ajmer will speak on "Role of Preventive & Therapeutic Footwear in Diabetic Footcare", Professor (Dr) Rama Kant, President, ASI, UP will speak on "Surgical Approach to Diabetic Foot. How I do it", among other galaxy of highly acclaimed experts on management of diabetic foot.

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