Gandhians appeal to respect people's inalienable rights

"Freedom of expression is a fundamental right enshrined in the constitution of India. We are proud to live in a nation that believes in the ideal of universal human rights. However, sometimes the state expediently forgets its professed ideals and tries to ride roughshod over the rights of citizens. These transgressions have become more frequent as commercial, industrial and mining interests from all over the world have become more interested in the resources of this country" said veteran Gandhians Narayan Desai and Surendra Gadekar in a statement issued on DailySouthAsian. Read more

Narayan Desai is the son of Mahadev Desai who was Mahatma Gandhi’s secretary.

"Unfortunately, there has never been a dearth of local collaborators within this country who for the sake of a few personal crumbs are willing to sacrifice the future of a vast majority of our population to these foreign interests" say Desai and Gadekar.

"The adivasis of Chhatisgarh along with the poor in many parts of the country have been suffering exploitation and repression for a long time. Shri Himanshu Kumar, a long time Gandhian activist has gone on an indefinite fast in solidarity with his adivasi bretheren. The government, whether belonging to BJP in the state or the Congress in the centre has irrespective of political affiliation, chosen a path of brutal suppression of people's aspirations. The lure of wealth underground has proved stronger than the well-being of people living overground. It does not behove us as a people of a democratic nation to allow this brutality. I appeal to the government of both the state and the centre to respect the inalienable rights of the people and to rethink and realign their policies in line with people's wishes" further adds Narayan Desai and Surendra Gadekar.

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