SR Darapuri is for a change

SR Darapuri is for a change

Brief introduction to Lok Rajniti Manch's candidate from Lucknow parliamentary constituency SR Darapuri, who is a retired Inspector General of Police (IG):

SR Darapuri is a 1972 batch Indian Police Service (IPS) officer. Before joining IPS, he has served as a teacher, 'Rashtriya Bachat Sangathan', Finance Ministry and Customs department (Government of India). In this way he has more than 40 years of administrative experience. He has demonstrated a pro-people, upright and honest attitude in shouldering administrative responsibilities competently over years. After his retirement, he has emerged as a socially-conscious and sensitive social activist providing support to social justice movements on issues pertaining to human rights, dalit, minorities, women, labourers, weavers, farmers, students, youth amongst others, and empowering the poor and underserved communities. Presently he is associated with the following social organizations, political forums and people's movements including:

1. Vice President, People's Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL), Uttar Pradesh (UP)

2. Vice President, Dr Ambedkar Mahasabha
3. State Coordinator, Lok Rajniti Manch (People's Politics Front), UP
4. Member, Coordination committee, Jan Sangharsh Morcha, UP
5. Member, Right to Information Campaign committee, UP
6. Convener, Dalit Mukti Morcha
7. Convener, World Conference on Religion and Peace, Lucknow branch
8. Member, Right to Food committee, UP
9. State Representative, Asian Centre for Human Rights
10. President, Society for Promoting Buddhist Knowledge

Just recently he has played a key role in supporting the cause of muslim youth who were being targetted and framed in terrorist activities.

Main issues:
1. Equitable economic policy should be made to end the gap between the rich and the poor

2. Local communities should have the right to own the natural resources (water, forests, land, minerals etc) instead of giving the natural resource away to private corporations

3. Shopping malls should be closed so that the livelihood of small scale producers, roadside vendors, etc doesn’t get threatened

4. Employment should be made a basic right and unemployment allowance of Rs 5000 per month should be arranged

5. Black money deposited in Swiss banks and elsewhere inside the country should be identified and those responsible should face action. All kind of corruption should be brought to an end.

6. Government should fix a maximum retail price of all necessary food grains to control inflation

7. No local area development funds should be provided to MPs and MLAs

8. Land acquisition of cultivable land in the name of Special Economic Zone (SEZ), urbanization or industrialization should be stopped.

9. Agriculture policy should be such that farmers need not commit suicide and labourers shouldn’t be dying of hunger deaths anymore. Industries dependent on agriculture should be promoted

10. Politics on communal issues or terrorism should be brought to an end. Social, economic and political solutions should be found for all kinds of violence, naxalism, separatism and terrorism.

11. Right to Information Act and National Rural Employment Guarantee Act should be effectively implemented

12. Violence against and exploitation of women, dalit, tribals and minorities should be stopped

13. According to the recommendations of the Kothari commission, uniform education system should be enforced all across the country. Privatisation and commercialization of education should be stopped.

14. Elections of students' union of all universities and degree colleges should be held as per the recommendations of Lynghdoh committee.

15. Genuine poor should be given the below the poverty line (BPL) cards so that they can avail of the benefits of Urban Poor Housing Scheme.

16. The urban-focussed development policy should be changed so as to provide employment opportunities in the rural areas so that rural to urban migration can be halted.

17. Public transport services need to be improved not only to reduce the need to use private conveyances as much as possible but also to contribute in reducing global warming.

18. Alternative energy sources like solar power, wind power and bio energy be adopted so that electricity can be provided in every village.

19. The privatization of health services should be stopped and government health services should be optimally provided in an effective manner

20. Everyone is equal in the eyes of the law. Therefore the category of 'very important person' (VIP) should be brought to an end.

21. India's foreign policy should be such so as to establish peace and friendship with the neighbouring nations. The defense budget should be reduced and security provided on the basis of mutual trust.

22. Necessary reforms should be undertaken so that police can function in an accountable way, without any undue interference.

23. The union of south Asian nations should be formed like the European Union so that people can travel to south Asian nations without passport.2

24. The scope of special opportunities should be broadened from a government job and education, and other tools be added along with reservation

25. The dream of Dr BR Ambedkar of a caste-less and class-less society be realized as soon as possible so that real democracy can be established in our country

26. The decision on all cases in the court should be made in a time-bound manner

27. All laws related to child rights and welfare be effectively implemented in letter and spirit

Supported by:
Kuldip Nayar, Justice Rajinder Sachchar, Surendra Mohan, Medha Patkar, Aruna Roy, Swami Agnivesh, Banwari Lal Sharma, Brahmadev Sharma, Shamsher Singh Bisht, Ravikiran Jain, Yogendra Yadav, Dr Roop Rekha Verma, Dr Sandeep Pandey

Lucknow-specific issues:
- Economically-feasible permanent construction should be made to provide houses for all poor

- Those residing in the slum or hutments should only be displaced or relocated after all adequate arrangements for their rehabilitation have been made

- Economically-feasible market be made for small-scale roadside vendors and other traders

- Electricity, water, drainage system and road should be provided in every slum

- Corruption and unlawful extortion of money should be stopped in granting licenses to richshaw pullers and auto drivers

- A dedicated agency be set up to clean the river Gomti

- Metro Rail service should be started in two years and city public transport services should be improved and available at a cheaper rate

- Places of historical value should be protected from communalization or alteration

SR Darapuri, 18/455, Indira Nagar, Lucknow-226016. Phone: 0522- 2354661, mobile: 9415164845; email:
Dr Sandeep Pandey, A-893, Indira Nagar, Lucknow-226016. Phone: 0522-2347365, email:

Naveen - 83, Halwasiya market, Hazratganj, Lucknow. Phone: 0522 3012385