Nagpur Central Jail to become tobacco-free

Nagpur Central Jail to become tobacco-free

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Recently a news item published in The Times of India said that Nagpur Central Jail will become tobacco-free.

Despite of the fact that the Jail Manual includes tobacco, Nagpur Jail authorities are determined to enforce this public health measure in their premises. They have already removed all tobacco products from the jail canteen.

"Government is spending a big amount on the health of the prisoners. Tobacco is injurious to health," said Surinder Kumar, deputy inspector general of police, prisons (eastern region).

Several young prisoners dying in the jail has recently raised concern that prompted him to take the decision, he added.

Kumar said that the tobacco use, particularly by prisoners suffering from ailments like tuberculosis and HIV, is dangerous. Recently in one of the most comprehensive studies on tobacco use and habits done in India, it was found that tuberculosis (and not cancer) was the biggest cause of death for tobacco-users.

"Apart from ruining one’s health, passive smokers also become victims in jail due to restrictions on their free movement," he said.

However just by rulings of ban-on-tobacco-use it will be difficult to enforce the ban considering the strong addiction tobacco is. The inmates of Nagpur Central Jail need quality tobacco cessation services so that they get counseled and assisted to quit tobacco use. Not only prison inmates but prison staff also needs help if they use tobacco in any form.

(To read this posting in hindi language, click here)

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