DAY IV: Activists on solidarity fast meet IROM SHARMILA

DAY IV: Activists on solidarity fast meet IROM SHARMILA

The highlight of the fourth day of solidarity fast in support of Irom Shrmila in Imphal was a meeting in the Jawaharlal Nehru Hospital after due permission from the authorities of the people fasting with Sharmila. Sharmila became very emotional in the beginning and she said what she was doing was for all living beings. She said that truth will be victorious in the end and that it was God’s will that she had to undergo this fast. Because of a tube which goes through her nose she has to lift her head while talking. She shared the gist of a 1110 line poem that she has written in her solitary confinement. The visitors spent about 45 minutes with Sharmila. A jailor accompanied them.
At the dharna site today young women of Rabi School of Nursing and R.D.O Lamshang as well as embroidery workers of Ketawn turned out in large numbers to extend support to the solidarity fast and demand repeal of Armed Forces Special Powers Act.
Representatives of Salei Apunba Nupi Lamjing, Salei Lup Chingamokh, Mahila Shanti Sena and All Manipur Tammi Chingmi Apunba Nupi Lup attended the dharna today. Overwhelming presence of women has been a highlight of this dharna all throughout. People who were on fast on the fourth day included Sandeep Pandey, Faisal Khan, Prem Kumar, Biju Borbaruah, Rakesh Naorem, Mahesh Pandey, Rajeshwar Ojha, Manish Kumar, P.H Sakhi, Sapamcha Kangleipal, Romesh Konthoujam and Premjit Kshtrimayum.

In the evening candle light vigils were observed at Malom, Hirongoi Thong and Terabazar, three massacre sites in Imphal to pay tributes to people who have been killed, raped, tortured under the AFSPA. It is noteworthy that Irom Sharmila’s 7 year fast was triggered by killing of 10 innocent people by the Army in 2000 at Malom.

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