#APCRSHR10 Virtual (2): World Population Day: Asia Pacific Talks | Accelerating Rights and Choices for All in a Post-COVID Asia-Pacific

Thursday, July 9 | 2pm Bangkok / Phnom Penh
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[click here to see the recording and presentations] On July 9, Thursday (2pm Phnom Penh/ Bangkok/ Jakarta | 5pm Canberra | 7pm Suva | 12:30pm Delhi | 11:30am Tehran - check your local time here), we invite you to participate in a very special #APCRSHR10 Virtual in the lead up to World Population Day 2020: Accelerating Rights and Choices for All in a Post-COVID Asia-Pacific.

Co-hosted by UNFPA Asia-Pacific, in partnership with UNFPA Cambodia, the APCRSHR10 secretariat in Cambodia/ Reproductive Health Association of Cambodia (RHAC) and CNS, this session features globally and regionally renowned advocates championing the ICPD Programme of Action and UNFPA's crucial mandate at this time of global challenge.

ICPD changed the world – putting individual rights and choices, with a focus on sexual and reproductive health and gender equality, at the heart of sustainable development.

Over 25 years, ICPD has guided the work of UNFPA, transforming the lives of millions upon millions of women and girls the world over, and contributing to significant human rights and socioeconomic advances in Asia and the Pacific as well.

But COVID-19 is negatively impacting progress made on ending maternal mortality, unmet need for family planning and gender-based violence and harmful practices against women and girls – key transformative results that UNFPA and its partners are working towards.

Our compelling speakers will share deeply inspiring personal stories that demonstrate how we can accelerate ICPD going forward, transforming the challenges of the ongoing pandemic and other hurdles into opportunities to build back better as we collectively face a post-COVID world.

The event will be streamed live at the APCRSHR10 and UNFPA APRO Facebook platforms:
  • Bjorn Andersson, UNFPA Regional Director, Asia-Pacific: Bjorn was present at the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) in Cairo in 1994, a transformative event that shaped his UN and development career.
  • Gita Sen, Harvard University and the Public Health Foundation of India: Gita played a prominent role at ICPD 1994, and has been a champion of the Programme of Action in India and globally, a key UNFPA partner who contributed to the ICPD25 Nairobi Summit in 2019as well.
  • Junice Melgar, Likhaan Center for Women's Health, Philippines: Junice has been a long-time champion of SRHR and family planning in the Philippines, playing a key role in advocating for the country's landmark Reproductive Health Law.
  • Catherine Harry, A Dose of Cath, Cambodia: An outspoken youth activist and media personality in what remains a conservative society, Catherine talks frankly about sexual and reproductive health and rights, including the rights and needs of young persons, with a highly popular YouTube channel and other multimedia platforms.
  • Cai Cong, SRHR and disability rights pioneer, China: Cong is widely regarded as a revolutionary in raising awareness of the realities of persons living with disabilities in China, breaking stereotypes and bringing about change - including in how society views SRHR issues vis-a-vis people like him. He attended ICPD25 Nairobi, and came away all the more inspired and determined to push ahead with his ground-breaking work.
Please join us for these inspirational, forward-looking talks, and do share the invitation with your colleagues, families and friends!