World No Tobacco Day Webinar: #EndTobacco is an imperative for health justice

[Watch webinar recording] [listen to Podcast] More than 7 million people die due to tobacco use every year. Every tobacco-related, untimely death could have been averted, and every tobacco-related disease, prevented. Tobacco is also a common risk factor for major non-communicable diseases (NCDs) such as world's biggest killer cardiovascular diseases (CVDs including heart disease and stroke), cancers, diabetes, chronic respiratory diseases, etc, which account for over 70% of deaths worldwide.

Global economy bleeds US$ 1.4 trillion every year due to tobacco. Tobacco also devastates environment, for example cigarette butts are biggest manmade contaminant of oceans globally.
193 countries have promised to deliver on UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and over 180 countries have ratified the global tobacco treaty (WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control).

Governments have promised to reduce NCDs by 25% by 2025 and one-third by 2030. Endgame of tobacco is vital to prevent every tobacco related NCDs and other diseases. Holding tobacco industry legally and financially liable must not be neglected any longer.

Join us for an interactive e-conversation with noted experts in World No Tobacco Day Webinar, on Tuesday, 28th May 2019, 1pm-2pm Geneva time.

Tuesday, 28th May 2019
1pm-2pm Geneva time


World No Tobacco Day 2019: Key highlights
Dr Kerstin Schotte
World Health Organization (WHO)
[Watch 9:25 - 11:45 of webinar recording for Dr Schotte's presentation]

Choose life, not tobacco
Professor (Dr) Rama Kant
WHO Director General's WNTD Awardee and founder leader of Vote For Health (formerly Indian Society Against Smoking); 2012 President, Association of Surgeons of India; 2013 Vice President SAARC Surgeons; President Lucknow College of Surgeons 
[Watch 35:15 - 47:58 of webinar recording for Dr Rama Kant's presentation]

Tobacco devastates lung health
Professor (Dr) Surya Kant
Head, Respiratory Medicine Department, King George's Medical University (KGMU); President, National College of Chest Physicians; past President, Indian Chest Society; President, Indian College of Asthma, Allergy and Applied Immunology
[Watch 11:45 - 26:00 of webinar recording for Prof Surya Kant's presentation]

Tobacco breaks hearts
Professor (Dr) Rishi Sethi
Cardiology Department, KGMU; Cardiological Society of India (CSI)'s Executive Committee & Asia Pacific Society of Interventional Cardiology's Scientific Committee member; Executive Editor, Journal Heart India; Editorial Advisory Board, India Heart Journal 
[Watch 26:00 - 35:15 of webinar recording for Prof Sethi's presentation]

All health meetings must be tobacco-free and alcohol-free
Dr Ishwar Gilada
President, AIDS Society of India; Governing Council member of International AIDS Society (IAS); and Secretary General of People's Health Organization
[Watch 48:30 - 52:00 of webinar recording for Dr Gilada's presentation]

Ashok Ramsarup (guest moderator)
award-winning journalist; former Senior Producer, South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC), Durban, South Africa

Shobha Shukla (host moderator)
Managing Editor and Executive Director, CNS; 2018 HIV Prevention Research Science Journalism Fellow; IAS 2019 Science Journalism Fellow

Dedication to Yul Francisco Dorado

This World No Tobacco Day webinar is dedicated to the memory of our mentor, colleague, friend and inspiration: Yul Francisco Dorado, a fearless tobacco control and human rights leader from Bogota, Colombia, whose timeless legacy continues to guide us in our work. Yul was the Latin America Director of the Corporate Accountability and part of Network for Accountability of Tobacco Transnationals (NATT) leadership.

CNS eLearning Programme Team

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