[CNS Rewind] Top e-learning sessions hosted by CNS in 2017

[Check out all webinars hosted by CNS here] Looking back at over 25 e-learning sessions (webinars and online SDM Health Justice Lectures) hosted by CNS in 2017, we are compelled to say that each webinar, and issue it focussed on, is so very important, even today - thanks to all the panelists and participants. However if we look at some indicators such as the number of registrations, attendees, interaction on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook page, LinkedIn, email listservs, post-webinar media coverage, podcast and expert-presentation downloads, among others, here are top webinar and e-talk picks from 2017 CNS archives:

  • Transforming research outcomes into public health gains 

    Speaker: Dr Soumya Swaminathan

  • Tobacco endgame is imperative for sustainable development

  • No #endAIDS without #endTB

    Speaker: Dr Haileyesus Getahun

  • Food security for people with TB and/or HIV

    Speaker: Dr KS Sachdeva

  • Unite to end TB | Intersectoral response is vital for #SDGs

  • With optimal management, people with asthma can lead normal lives

  • First-ever World Lung Day Webinar: Lung health is vital for #SDGs

  • Disability rights and TB: Inter-sectoral response is must to #endTB

    Speakers: Dr Sunil Khaparde and Nandita Venkatesan 

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