[Call to register] Webinar: When HIV virus and TB bacteria can work together, why can't we?

[Watch webinar recording] [Listen or download audio podcast] In lead up to World AIDS Day 2017, it is important to review that despite strong scientific evidence-backed policies and programmes, we are still failing to avert every TB related death among people living with HIV (PLHIV). TB continues to be the lead killer of PLHIV.

According to the latest WHO Global Tuberculosis Report 2017, 374,000 TB related deaths were among PLHIV in 2016. Of the almost half a million reported cases of HIV-associated TB, 15% were not on antiretroviral therapy (ART) as recommended by WHO. TB preventive treatment is expanding among PLHIV but most people eligible for TB preventive treatment are not accessing it. In 2016, an  estimated  10.4  million  people  fell  ill  with  TB  in  2016:  10%  were  PLHIV (74% in Africa).

According to the WHO, the risk of developing TB is estimated to be between 16-27 times greater in PLHIV than among those without HIV infection.

We invite you to have a direct interface with noted experts in World AIDS Day Webinar, on the progress made in averting premature deaths due to TB among PLHIV, and insights on how can we scale up the TB HIV collaborative activities so that we can end AIDS and TB both by 2030 (Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs).

Date: Tuesday, 28th November 2017
Time: 1pm - 2pm Geneva time

Panel of experts:


CNS Webinars Team
Email: webinar@citizen-news.org

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