[Call to register] Can mHealth help accelerate progress towards ending TB?

[Watch webinar recording] [Listen/ download podcast] Mobile health (mHealth) is being used in different ways by TB programmes in some high-burden countries. A recent study published in June 2017 shows that presumptive-TB case-referral by healthcare providers using mHealth went up manifold.

Currently it is estimated that TB services are not reaching every person in need. To end TB, we need to ensure there is no further spread of TB, as well as, every person with TB gets accurately diagnosed, treated with effective drugs, and cured.

Can mHealth technologies help accelerate progress towards the goal of ending TB by 2030 globally (SDGs)?
Mobile health (mHealth), i.e., the use of portable electronic devices with software applications to provide health services and manage patient information, has the potential to transform health service delivery worldwide. mHealth has a crucial role to play in health care systems, as it can improve communication and enhance the integration of health care processes. Low- and middle-income countries have extensive cellular networks, and the majority of the population has mobile phones.

Panel of experts:

  • Dr Charles Sandy, Deputy Director, National AIDS/ TB Programme, Zimbabwe
  • (Moderator) Ashok Ramsarup, award-winning senior journalist and former Programme Producer, South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC), Durban, South Africa
  • (Moderator) Shobha Shukla, Managing Editor, CNS (Citizen News Service)


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