Appeal to unite to form a pro-people political front

An appeal has been issued by many citizens from across the country calling upon sincere and socially-conscious pro-people activists to unite and form a pro-people political front. We are sharing the appeal below. Those of you who may like to endorse this letter, please email your support to: Thanks

An appeal to come together to
form a pro-people political front

Dear Medha Patkar ji, Kuldeep Nayar ji, Justice Rajinder Sachar ji, Aruna Roy ji, Prashant Bhushan ji, Yogendra Yadav ji, Admiral L Ramdas ji, Lalita Ramdas ji, Swami Agnivesh ji, P V Rajagopal ji, Dr. Sandeep Pandey ji, Arundhati Dhuru ji, Dr. S P Udayakumar ji, Madhu Bhaduri ji, Akhil Gogoi ji, Prof. Anand Kumar ji, and all those who are committed to changing the nature of politics to pro-people,

We have noted with pain and disappointment the recent events in AAP. It is now evident that AAP will not be able to live up to the ideals of principles based upon pro-people politics and internal democracy. Needless to say, there is widespread disillusionment among many supporters of AAP [and countless those who were investing their energy into alternative pro-people model of politics] who had high hopes from it.

Since AAP has failed, it has become the need of the hour for an alternative political front to emerge in India. The dream of such a political front based on internal democracy, collective leadership, honest, secular and pro-people ideology still remains unfulfilled. A front that can work not only against corruption but also more importantly for the social/economic/political rights of the poor, dalits, women, farmers, landless, tribals, fisher-folk, unorganized workers and entrepreneurs, religious minorities, LGBT, and other vulnerable communities. A front whose organization and operations are based on the principles of collective leadership, democratic decision-making processes, transparency and accountability to the people.

We believe that eminent citizens such as yourselves with proven record of integrity and selfless work for the people's causes are best positioned to take this initiative. If you all come together and collectively initiate such a political front/party, it is likely to be received with great enthusiasm and hope by the people at large. Coming together of persons such as yourselves as a collective leadership will also lend a lot of resilience and robustness to the new organization.

Therefore we humbly but earnestly request you to come together, invite other like-minded citizens such as yourselves, start and lead the process of alternative political formation. One possibility is to revive Lok Rajniti Manch that was founded by Kuldip Nayar ji before 2009 general elections and with which most of you were associated. Another possibility is to expand Socialist Party of India which has been revived by Justice Sachar ji. Or it could be a new front, whatever you all deem most suitable.

With warm regards,

Alok Singh (entrepreneur and social activist), Faisal Khan (organizational secretary - socialist party and khudai khidmatgar), Mudit Shukla (professional), Shobha Shukla (women's activist), Dr. Shashank Mittal (medical practitioner), Shashank Singh (advocate), Surabhi Agarwal (student), Guru Moorthy (entrepreneur and AID volunteer), Adithya (social activist), Dr Pooja Ramakant (doctor), Rahul Dwivedi (health activist), Nandlal Master (social activist), Manohar Elavarthi (Joint Secretary,Praja Rajakiya Vedike), Kartikeya Bahadur, Anas Tanwir (Advocate, Supreme Court), Pushkar Raj, Feroze Mithiborwala (National Convenor, Bharat Bachao Andolan), Anil Hebbar (entrepreneur and social activist), Varun Arora (professional and activist), Ajay Shekhar (past chairman, Robertsganj, dist. Sonbhadra), Dr Rahul Pandey (academic and entrepreneur), Bobby Ramakant (health activist), and many other concerned citizens

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