2by4: Theme 1: Women and Tuberculosis

As part of the ongoing 2by4 communications and advocacy campaign the first mini-series of e-consultation and key informant interviews is on the theme: Women and TB. 2by4 campaign focusses on two key populations (women and children) and four key issues (multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB); laboratory and diagnostics; private-public partnerships (PPP); TB-HIV collaborative activities).

1- Are women more at risk of TB and do they face heightened stigma and discrimination related to TB because of deeply entrenched gender-based inequalities? Please share examples and testimonies if any. What should be done to bring in the desired change?

2- What can be done to early diagnose women with TB, confirm the diagnosis and provide standard treatment and support to them to get successfully cured?

3- Are there specific challenges faced by women with MDR-TB? How can we address these challenges?

4- Are there best practice examples of private-public partnership (PPP) that have improved TB care for women?

5- Are there best practice examples of successfully implemented TB-HIV collaborative activities that address issues faced by women co-infected with TB and HIV? Please share.

Please send your responses by 10th March 2013.

Stop TB Strategy
Global Plan to Stop TB: 2011-2015 
World TB Day website
Global Tuberculosis Control Report 2012
Whole Is Greater Than Sum Of Its Parts: CNS report 2011

Looking forward to your active participation.

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