CNS at AIDS 2012

The Citizen News Service (CNS) had a team of writers from a range of countries in Asia and Africa (see below) to provide issue-based coverage from XIX International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2012) in July 2012. CNS generated 73 in-depth articles that were published in a range of media channels around the world apart from being disseminated through social media platforms (such as blogs, youtube, twitter, facebook, etc) and other electronic discussion forums such as the Stop-TB eForum (to join, send an email to:, SEA-AIDS, ITPC, ITPC India, IRMA listserv, IRMA blog, among others.

ISSUES: CNS team focused on specific issues around tuberculosis (TB) and HIV co-infection, children, drug-resistant TB, HIV prevention science and advocacy (rectal and vaginal microbicides, Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP), voluntary medical male circumcision, treatment as prevention, female condoms, male condoms), multiple prevention technologies (MPTs), treatment access issues (ART, free trade agreements and other intellectual property rights related issues), among others.

NOTABLE MEDIA CHANNELS (print, online or radio) that published/ featured CNS content from AIDS 2012 include: Asian Tribune (Thailand/ Sri Lanka), Sun Star (Philippines), Pakistan Post, Modern Ghana, Observer (Uganda), Swazi Observer (Swaziland), Asia Sentinel, Weekly Blitz (Bangladesh), The Seoul Times (South Korea), Bihar and Jharkhand News Service (India), American Chronicle (US), News Blaze (US), Scoop News (New Zealand), Daily Pioneer (India), Swatantra Bharat (Hindi - India), Voice of Movement (Hindi - India), Kanwiz Times (Hindi - India), FM 102.5 (Thailand), Rutgers WPF (Netherlands), World News Network (WNN), (Manipur, India), Public Citizen, The Mangalorean (India), AIDS Map, Relief Web, SEA-AIDS, Stop-TB eForum, CABSA (Southern Africa), GLBT Jamaica, Buzz News (New Zealand), Media for Freedom (Nepal), I4U News, Cameroon Post Line, Humanitarian News, Elites TV, News Day (Zimbabwe), Poz News, Medical News Today, Hindustan Times (HT) Syndication, among others...

INTERNET SEARCH: with 73 unique content generated on-site, the following keywords generate the given number of links on
"AIDS 2012" "Citizen News Service": 7,500 links
"AIDS 2012" "Citizen News Service" "TB": 3700 links
"AIDS 2012" "Citizen News Service" "IRMA": 1100 links

PHOTOGRAPHS, FACEBOOK and TWITTER: About 500 photographs from AIDS 2012 are online on CNS Facebook page (which got about 2,600 likes by the end of AIDS 2012) and Twitter (with about 500 followers by end of AIDS 2012).

STOP-TB eForum: About 300 new members joined the Yahoo! supported eForum on TB during the month of July 2012.

PRESS CONFERENCES: CNS co-hosted three press conferences in Press Conference Room (PCR – 2 and 3) inside Media Center at the official conference venue of AIDS 2012, on childhood TB; sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) and HIV; and Hepatitis C virus and HIV treatment access issues. These press conferences were co-hosted with the following organizations: International Treatment Preparedness Coalition (ITPC), Asia Pacific Network of People living with HIV (APN+), India HIV/AIDS Alliance, International Rectal Microbicides Advocates (IRMA), CNS, a partner of Stop TB Partnership. CNS and partners also released hard copies of their two publications on childhood TB and HCV-HIV treatment access issues which are online at:
(1) Saving children from tuberculosis:
(2) HCV and HIV Treatment Access issues:

CNS team at AIDS 2012
[Alphabetically]: Bobby Ramakant (India), Duangkamol Donchaum (Thailand), Henry Kabwe (Zambia), Ian Hodgson (UK), Ishdeep Kohli (India), Jamie Uhrig (HIV in Myanmar), Jittima Jantanamalaka (Thailand), Manoj Pardeshi (India), Masimba Biriwasha (Zimbabwe), Megan Gottemoeller (USA), Nenet Ortega (Philippines), Prakash Tyagi (India), Rahul Dwivedi (India), Rituu B  Nanda (India - wrote from Kolkata Sex Workers' hub of AIDS 2012), Shobha Shukla (India), Shona Shonning (Eastern Europe and Central Asia related issues), and Somya Arora (India).

List of articles of AIDS 2012
The list is online at:
(or see specific articles on links given below at the end of this post)

We are grateful to the following for their support in terms of providing key resource persons, technical or financial resources, which made our engagement with AIDS 2012 meaningful: Stop TB Partnership, International Rectal Microbicides Advocates (IRMA) – AIDS Foundation of Chicago, TB Alliance, International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease (The Union), Aeras, Lilly MDR-TB Partnership, India HIV/AIDS Alliance, International Treatment Preparedness Coalition (ITPC), Asia Pacific Network of people living with HIV (APN+), PATH, RESULTS, the AIDS 2012 media and communications team (special gratitude to Pierre Peyrot) among others. The inspiration provided on specific issues by Jim Pickett, Judith Mandelbaum-Schmid and Anthony Harries helped our team to report on key issues around TB and HIV. Thank you all!

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