Brewing campaign against corruption in Lucknow

Noted social organizations and trade unions across the country have given a strong call to fight corruption by India effectively implementing a dedicated agency to root out corruption - LOKPAL. Several examples of corruption in India like 2G, CWG, Adarsh Society, land scams, among others, where responsible people like politicians, government officers, industrialists, journalists or defence personnel are alleged to be involved, have proved that despite economic and technological progress India has made over the past years, the character of its responsible citizenry is eroding fast. This has put India's reputation in other countries at stake and heads of non-resident Indians hang in shame due to the rampant corruption, said the lead organizers.

Because of the corruption, number of billionaires in India is on the rise – otherwise there is no plausible reason to explain rapid increase in number of neo-rich people. On the other hand, the poor people in India are becoming poorer. India is home to largest number of people in the world - that's the 'other India' less spoken about in the hype around 'India shining'. Turning a blind eye on the needs and priorities of majority of India's population that is struggling to meet both ends meet, has become a major obstacle in progress, development and social welfare activities in India.

The price of onions, vegetables and food grains have risen unexpectedly because of corruption, the severe adverse outcome of which is worst felt by hard-working laborious class of India. Under these circumstances the people of India cannot remain unaffected by corruption. There is a clear need to break the silence. This is why many trade unions and social organizations in Lucknow have come together and are committed to take out a public rally to demand an effective agency to check corruption in India – ‘Lokpal’.  

Several noted social activists like Magsaysay Awardee (2002) Dr Sandeep Pandey is part of the brewing campaign in Lucknow that has mobilized representatives of all key trade unions and social organizations in the city. In Delhi, Magsaysay Awardee Arvind Kejriwal, Magsaysay Awardee and noted police officer Kiran Bedi, senior lawyer Prashant Bhushan, Justice Santosh Hegde, among others have played a key role in drafting the Lokpal Bill that is currently waiting to be presented for a possible ratification by the parliament of India.

On 30 January 2011, a rally will be taken out from Hindi Sansthan, Hazratganj to Hazratganj crossing in Lucknow from 11am onwards.

Bobby Ramakant - CNS

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