Cutting-edge surgical techniques for management of breast surgery, cancer, piles at UPASICON 2009

Cutting-edge surgical techniques for management of breast surgery, cancer, piles at UPASICON 2009

The three-days surgeons’ conclave - 35th annual conference of Association of Surgeons of India (ASI), UP Chapter, (UPASICON 2009) entered its second day on 7th November 2009. UPASICON 2009 is being organized by Department of Surgery, CSMMU in collaboration with Society of Endoscopic, Laparoscopy Surgeons of India (SELSI), UP, under the leadership of ASI-UP President-elect and UPASICON 2009 Chairman Professor (Dr) Rama Kant, Secretary Dr HS Pahwa, and Joint-Secretary Dr Suresh Kumar.

The second day of the Conference could aptly be called a day of Video Workshops and Enlightening Orations. It gave an opportunity to more than 500 participating surgeons to interact directly with globally acclaimed experts to understand the various aspects of cutting edge surgical techniques, particularly laparoscopic and open surgical procedures.

The star presentation of the day belonged to Prof Dr E Fukuma from Japan, the ‘land of the rising sun’, who has done pioneering work in the field of endoscopic breast surgery. He gave a Video Presentation on Oncoplastic Breast Surgery With Endo videoscopic Approach. This is the latest technique in the field of Mastectomy and is yet to begin in India. It leaves no injury on the whole breast, and can become a single standard method for breast-conserving surgery, wherever a cancer is situated.

A Video presentation on Surgical Management of early breast cancer was given by Prof Dr Gaurav Agarwal, Endocrine Surgery Department, SGPGIMS, Lucknow.

Prof Rama Kant, Head of Surgery Department, CSMMU, delivered a guest lecture on “Journey from Piles to Smiles.” A very recent technique for the treatment of Piles, called Doppler Guided Haemorroidal Artery Ligation (DGHAL) and Recto Anal Repair (RAR), was presented by Prof Kant. This requires hospital stay of a few hours only, and the patient can go back to work the very next day.

'Laparoscopic Hemicoleectomy' and 'Duodenal Perforation' video presentations were the specialized domains of the stalwarts Dr Rao and Dr Puntambekar respectively.

Dr Amit Srivastava presented ‘A Novel Approach For Management Of Lower One Third Uretric Calculus’. Dr Maurya, the renowned laparoscopic surgeon from Agra, showcased ‘Laparoscopic CBD Exploration in Minimal Access Surgery’.

The medical names for these minimal access surgical interventions might sound very high brow for the common person, but then these are big names for procedures that make small cuts (or no cuts) in the patients and make their pain smaller and life easier.

Besides these lively video presentations, there were several informative lectures on a wide variety of topics ranging from ‘Common Surgical Procedures In Breast Disease’ by Dr Sandeep Kumar, to Basic Management of Fistula, by Dr Ashok Kumar.

The gold standard technique of Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy in difficult situations was discussed alongside with the current approaches to follicular malignancy of thyroid.

The participants, though advocators of single PORT and E PORT surgeries, did not neglect conventional open surgery procedures, which are still practiced in general hospitals, probably due to the lack of requisite instruments and gadgets. The doctors of CSMMU spoke at length on the management of common cancer in general surgical set ups for carcinoma of Breast, Oral Cavity and Gall Bladder. Queries related to the symptoms, confirmatory tests and treatment options for these types of cancers were dealt with in a lucid manner.

Shobha Shukla

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