Walk the path of human rights

Shobha Shukla - CNS
A report from the UN Special Rapporteur calls upon nation states to decriminalise consensual same-sex conduct, repeal discriminatory laws relating to sexual orientation and gender identity, repeal laws criminalising sex work, and provide human rights education for health professionals. Criminalisation is not only a breach of a State's duty to prevent discrimination, it also creates an atmosphere where affected people are disempowered, unable to achieve full realisation of their human rights. According to a recent UNDP report, India has 30.5 million men who have sex with men (MSM), and over a million Hijra and transgender people. The national HIV prevalence in MSM is estimated at 7.41%, with 24% testing positive in the state of Goa and 18.8% in Mumbai. While MSM in India are at high risk of acquiring and transmitting HIV, only about 4% are able to access appropriate services. The situation is more serious for transgender populations. Here, HIV prevalence can be as high as 42% in Mumbai, and 49% in Delhi. This has been attributed to low levels of awareness, unsafe sexual practices, inadequate services and social marginalisation. Read more

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  1. "Our present birth is to be thought of as resembling a journey along a road, It is necessary then to have a good look and discover which is the right and which the wrong way to walk this road, If we just follow the crowd, we may well go astray and miss the true destination, This is not the kind of walking we have in mind when we speak of “walking the Path,” By “walking the Path” we mean progress towards nirvana, towards freedom from the unsatisfactory condition.

    If this comparison of our present birth to a journey along a road is still unclear, the matter must be thoughtover deeply, discussed, and studied thoroughly, In this study and practice, we can find help and guidance in the teachings of the Buddha, the one who succeeded in walking the Path right to the end, Unfortunately however, most people take no interest in the Buddha's teaching as a guide to the Path and how to walk it.

    Now here is an important point to consider: this person who is to walk the Path - just which particular person is it? if it is a number of people, how many? Taking the broad outlook we can see that it is really the whole of humanity, mankind in general, Think about it, As long as noone exists who knows the Path and how to walk it, most people are sure to stray from the Path, But slowly and by degrees the right way is found, little by little the Path is re-discovered, until the time comes when there arises a fully enlightened being, a buddha, someone who manages to walk the perfectly right Path, In other words walking the Path is a long-term project which mankind is engaged in collectively, until such time as some exceptional individual happens to increase so much in insight that he manages to walk it right to the end."