Family planning requires a multi-sectoral response for better outcomes


Family Planing is not just a health issue but it's a development issue. It cuts across a lot of sectors - health, education, economic empowerment among others. So, providing the access to expanded family planning method mix is not the only piece of the puzzle, we really need to understand that why people use Or do not use contraceptives says Dr Nandita Thatte, Technical Officer, WHO/Implementing Best Practices Secretariat, Geneva.

While speaking with CNS onsite the Regional Consortium Meeting of Implementing Best Practices Or IBP initiative of World Health Organisation, held in New Delhi, India, she explains on why CSOs should be driving the implementation research agenda, and how IBP connects the WHO guidelines with programmatic interventions led by CSOs to progress on FP 2020 indicators.

Dr Nandita Thatte leads the WHO/IBP secretariat based in Geneva Switzerland. Follow her on twitter @nanditathatte

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