[Call to register] Webinar for media in lead up to World No Tobacco Day 2016

[Webinar recording] We welcome you to register for an exclusive media webinar in lead up to this year's World No Tobacco Day. Our governments have committed to achieve Sustainable Development Goals - SDGs - by 2030, one of which (SDG 3.a) is to strengthen the implementation of the global tobacco treaty (formally called World Health Organization Framework Convention on Tobacco Control or WHO FCTC) in all countries, as appropriate. We need to ensure that the implementation of WHO FCTC is on track for the world to meet the SDG targets by 2030 or earlier!

Webinar dedicated to Yul Francisco Dorado
This webinar is dedicated to fond memory of our dear friend and fellow activist, Yul Francisco Dorado, who passed away recently. Yul was a strong force to challenge Big Tobacco and mobilize civil society as well as policy makers on a range of development justice issues, not just in Colombia or Latin America but globally as well. Yul continues to inspire us all and his legacy guides us in our humble efforts to strive for endgame of tobacco.

Industry interference in health policy is alarming

According to a WHO report, Tobacco industry interference with tobacco control, Dr Gro Harlem Brundtland, former Director-General of the WHO, rightly described tobacco use as "a communicated disease - communicated through marketing." "The tobacco industry has used its economic power, lobbying and marketing machinery, and manipulation of the media to discredit scientific research and influence governments  in order to propagate the sale and distribution of its deadly products" added this report.

Despite alarming tobacco industry interference, governments of over a hundred nations successfully adopted specific guidelines to check industry interference in health policy as part of the global tobacco treaty (WHO FCTC) in 2008. These guidelines, formally referred to as WHO FCTC Article 5.3 recognize that there is a fundamental and irreconcilable conflict of interest between tobacco industry and public health policy and commits governments to firewall health policy from industry capture.

With SDGs, WHO FCTC and its Article 5.3, and a possible new UN treaty on business and human rights, governments must walk the talk! Fully implementing domestic tobacco control laws and WHO FCTC (and its Article 5.3) on the ground is a public health and social justice imperative!

Experts from the Corporate Accountability International, International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease (The Union), Framework Convention Alliance (FCA) for Tobacco Control, and Vote For Health campaign, will present and respond to questions live!

Date: Tuesday, 24th May 2016

Time: 1:00pm Geneva Time, 12 noon London Time, 1pm Durban Time, 7:00am New York/ Boston Time, 4:30pm Indian Standard Time, 6pm Thailand time
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Duration: 60 minutes

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