Call for applications for CNS Young Correspondents Programme

Citizen News Service (CNS) is pleased to announce that it is currently accepting applications for CNS Young Correspondents Programme. CNS Young, is a network of under-30 correspondents sharing their viewpoints, perspectives and opinions on issues related to health, gender and development justice. This programme offers mentorship, peer support, networking opportunities, and capacity-building to under-30 writers. Last date to apply is Sunday, 28th June 2015.

CNS Young Correspondents Programme aims to achieve the following objectives:
  • Youth tell their own stories: Engaging youth to document youth voices from the frontlines on health, gender and development issues affecting their lives.
  • Youth learn together to be better advocates: Building capacity of young people  in better understanding and analysing issues, documenting voices of other young people, working with the media, advocating for issues that touch them most, using skills and tool-sets such as reporting, interview-taking, photography, video interviews, audio transcription, translation, article construction, web-based tools, social media engagement, among others.
  • Youth voices getting heard: CNS will provide editorial support and publish news feature articles by young CNS correspondents and syndicate through its networks and channels.
  • Advocating with the policy makers: It is important for youth perspectives to feed into policy and programming at various levels.
CNS Young Correspondents will:
  • Receive e-learning modules on capacity building on citizen journalism, including article construction, interview taking, transcription, translation, photo-journalism, social media engagement, and hands-on practice as well
  • Get access to CNS Netvibes dashboard to keep themselves abreast of latest happenings on specific health issues
  • Receive exclusive and latest media advisories/ issue briefs on specific health issues regularly so that they can speak their world, bringing local realities to the fore
  • Participate in webinars on specific issues every month
  • Get ongoing mentorship from experts
  • Connect with key experts in their region on relevant issues for interviews or learning sessions, including those from affected communities
  • Write one in-depth (700-1000 words) news feature article (and produce video if applicable) every month, based upon interviews with youth, local/regional/national experts, and suggested international experts
  • Receive high quality professional editing of their articles by CNS Editors
  • Use Twitter hashtag and Facebook page actively for disseminating their content
  • Benefit from high quality translation of their articles if required
  • Get published on CNS website and via CNS Syndication
  • Get preference when CNS is putting together an on-site team for conference reporting at various regional or global health conferences, meetings or other events
  • Be awarded a certificate, recognizing their contribution and participation in the CNS Young Correspondents Programme
Who should apply?
Those who are:
  • under-30 years of age 
  • residing in Uttar Pradesh
  • experienced on issues related to health, gender and development justice
  • (preferably) published writers and/or video makers, on health, gender and development related issues
  • fluent in English, computer literate and have access to internet
CNS encourages under-30 applicants from all genders (female, transgender, male). Those applicants who meet all the criteria listed above and who have also contributed to CNS in the past, will get a preference.
  • Those who have ever worked with the tobacco industry or its allies (directly or indirectly) need not apply
  • This CNS Young Correspondents Programme does not provide any financial assistance. However, CNS may provide some assistance to correspondents for communication and travel to develop their news story. 
How to apply?

If you are interested in applying, please complete the online application form below by 28th June 2015, 5pm GMT;


Sunday, 28th June 2015: 5pm GMT