Prerna Sabha in memory of Ashishbhai at Badwani on May 26th

As we all still try to come to terms with the devastating news of the untimely and unfortunate demise of our dear friend and fellow-activist Ashishbhai, people of the valley resolved today afternoon that his mortal remains shall be immersed in every village in the hills and plains of submergence area where Ashish lived and worked and was deeply attached to; Bhadal, Manibeli, Palya, Rajghat, Chikalda, Kasravad, Piplud, Maheshwar, Semlada and other villages and the tributaries of Narmada; Maan, Hathini, Goi, Veda etc, instead of submerging his ashes at one place. Read more

The resolve was taken at the ‘Uthavna’ ceremony concluded at his village Chhota Barda today afternoon in the presence of villagers, activists and friends. This alone would be a fitting tribute to Ashishbhai whose heart beat for the valley and whose entire life was dedicated to the cause of Narmada.

This would also serve as a living memory to all the people and activists for whom the battle against displacement and destruction must still go on and Ashishbhai would stand, not just as a reminder, but a source of strength and inspiration.

A ‘Prerna Sabha’ shall be organized on the 26th of May, at Rajghat, on the banks of the Narmada to remember the life and struggle of Ashishbhai. Rajghat was thought as the right venue as it stands as a symbol of the beginning of many struggles and mass actions in the valley, including the Jeevan Adhikar Yatra in which Ashish pled a pivotal role. In addition to people and activists from all the dam and canal-affected villages, representatives of other people’s organizations shall also assemble to spend time in his memory. Do come, if you would like to share the personal or political moments you spent
with him.

We shall also take a collective resolve to keep the struggle for justice alive, which will be the best homage we can pay to him.  For all of you, who can make it possible, we would be happy to have you present here and those who many not be able to make it, can remember and pray for his peace from wherever you are.

We also thank each one of you for sending across messages of solidarity and support.

Bhagirath Kavche                Kamla Yadav             Medha Patkar