Hardoi villagers to get land possession after 32 years wait

Hardoi villagers to get land possession after 32 years wait

The five-days long fast concludes upon government assurance

The fast by dalit residents of Chamartola, Village Panchayat Jajupur, Tehsil Sandila, District Hardoi, was called off today (Friday, 1 August 2008), at 11 am, upon insistence by the retired IPS officer Shri SR Darapuri, who is also the Vice President of Dr Ambedkar Mahasabha.

Shri Darapuri said that since the government has given assurance and has begun the process of land measurement as per records in order to give land possession to the 107 families.

These 107 families of Chamartola were given the land 'patta' 32 years ago, but couldn't take the possession of the land which rightfully belonged to them. 17 members of these families began an indefinite fast on 28 July 2008 in front of Vidhan Sabha in the state capital Lucknow to demand possession of land which was allotted to them by the Village Panchayat 32 years ago. This fast concluded today on 1 August.

A powerful landlord family, to which the present Gram Pradhan Advocate Nageshwar Singh also belongs, has been forcibly occupying the land allotted to 107 landless dalit families in this panchayat. After speaking to the district authorities, land plots of five families were re-measured on 31 July 2008, and handed over to them. The villagers fear that like before, after they have cultivated a crop, they will not be allowed to harvest it by the powerful people. The district authorities are assuring that it will not happen this time. On this assurance it has been decided to withdraw the fast.

The individuals who were fasting since 28 July, include: Babu, Kishan, Nekpal, Nanhakke, Moolchand, Bhole, Horilal, Bhagga, Dori, Santu, Ramlal, Prabhu, Chantu, Rajeswari, Sushila, Savitri and Chotakke.

Savitri, who lives alone, has been allotted Above the Poverty Line (APL) ration card after the recent Below the Poverty Line (BPL) surveys have been finalized. Nekpal has a National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGS) job card since past two years which does not show a single day of work allocated to him. These are just examples of how the situation of ordinary poor dalits has not improved a bit even under the most powerful of dalit sympathetic governments in modern India.

For more information contact Rajesh at 9793271930.


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